Grafik Susycheck

Event with an asterisk for sustainability

SUZY (Sustainable System) analyses and evaluates the holistic sustainability of packaging and provides recommendations for action at company and product level. F+B promoted a good idea for a better world with analogue stars and digital memory at a stand in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall on the occasion of the Sugarloaf Hat award ceremony.

The system delivers

A fast-paced, tongue in cheek social media campaign across multiple channels shows where the gaps in a real circular economy have already been closed. Plastic waste from yellow collection bags and bins begins to rotate and in some places it is already going round in circles. Recycling factories have been producing more than just park…

Five films to support Wuppertal JuniorUni

In collaboration with Wuppertal JuniorUni we produced a series of five films which explain Germany’s collection and recycling system; its impact on the conservation of resources and climate protection together with an appeal to everyone who watches them to help improve the existing system until it becomes a genuine circular economy.…

Team on tour around Germany

On behalf of the Schwarz Group – owner of supermarket chains Lidl and Kaufland and environmental services company PreZero – in summer 2019 we organised active infotainment events in supermarket car parks across Germany. Consumers were invited to take part in guessing games, actively separate packaging waste and enjoy fun games and entertainment including small…

Initiative Gelbe Tonne – geTon

The Initiative Gelbe Tonne (geTon –Recycling bin initiative) was founded three years ago.Its goal is to promote a functioning circular economy based around yellow recycling bins – to conserve resources and protect the environment. The founding members included consumer goods corporation Procter&Gamble Germany; packaging corporation Alpla; the three recycling system companies Der Grüne Punkt, Interseroh…

Corporate initiative: Gelbe Tonne – geTon

Along the circular economy, international companies have organised themselves: as supporter of the Gelbe Tonne (geTon), they stand for more circular economy, especially for more trust in the recycling of plastic packaging. Coordinating an agile, active and powerful initiative with a successful tour of Germany! More at

German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf

Claudia Fasse moderates discussions and events for both companies and organisations as well as, among other things, at German Sustainability Day or at the German Bundestag. The photograph below shows her leading a panel discussion on Head&Shoulders packaging, which is manufactured from plastic washed up on beaches.