Deutsche Industrieanlagen – DIAG

Deutsche Industrieanlagen (DIAG) unites a team of experts with decades of experience in the field of international industrial services under its roof. The Essen, Germany-based holding investigates development opportunities in selected markets and organises partnerships and collaborations for projects around the world. As a strategic financial holding it assists in the development of new business…

Corporate initiative: Gelbe Tonne – geTon

Along the circular economy, international companies have organised themselves: as supporter of the Gelbe Tonne (geTon), they stand for more circular economy, especially for more trust in the recycling of plastic packaging. Coordinating an agile, active and powerful initiative with a successful tour of Germany! More at

Deli company Feinkost Lindner puts itself to the test with business management students at a Berlin private university

A store check; insights into the company’s history and, naturally, product tasting were the focus of student interest during the corporate presentation, held at one of Lindner’s over 40 Berlin delis and given by COO Florian Wonneberg. In return, the students, under the leadership of their lecturer, Claudia Fasse, provided a qualitative customer survey including…

German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf

Claudia Fasse moderates discussions and events for both companies and organisations as well as, among other things, at German Sustainability Day or at the German Bundestag. The photograph below shows her leading a panel discussion on Head&Shoulders packaging, which is manufactured from plastic washed up on beaches.